dusty-anne rhodes

30 stories sharp and real, from the creative and perceptive mind of Dusty-Anne Rhodes

130 pages - published in April 2013 at

soft full-colour cover, 30 stories: non-fiction plus a Foreword

ISBN: 978-1-291-37970-9

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a Pure Slush book



what people are saying about Hard

Dusty-Anne Rhodes has the gift of making the 'ordinary' extraordinary. Her vignettes explode and when they are done, our familiar furniture is not in the same place. For that matter, neither are we.

Tim Page, University of Southern California; Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, 1997

Hard captures a fascinating series of tiny truths about the lost people, the quirky, the wanderers of the European world. Her empathy for the emigrant, the downtrodden and the faceless, shines through in this gentle and deeply insightful book. Each story is like a small, colorful gem polished to a brilliant glow. Rhodes' non-fiction stories capture and examine the human condition in all its sadness and delight. A fine read.

JP Reese, author of Final Notes and Dead Letters